Our theme outings

Each Greeter proposes one or several theme outings according to his/her tastes and interests which he/she would like to share with visitors.

When booking your outing, you can mention your preferences for a type of outing and/or Greeter.

We will do our upmost to match your requests, but this will obviously depend on the Greeters' availability.


A walk around the city

Nice, capital of the French Riviera, a city to be lived...


Getting to know it in the company of a Greeter is just like a friend shared his favourite places, his memories and his passions with you.


Cycle around the city with Vélo Bleu

"Vélo Bleu" : a self-service cycle facility. Economical (1€ a day), practical (175 stations for 1750 bikes, 365 days a year, 7 days a week and 24 hours a day) and environment friendly.


What better way to get around the city with a Greeter who will give you all the handy tips!


Daily life and handy tips

Live Nice like the natives every day...

With a Greeter, get to know Nice "off the beaten track" and make the most of insider advice to organise your stay.


Places to eat - local cooking - wines

A Greeter whose hobby is local cooking will take you to his favourite places to eat and let you taste local products.


He/she will even let you into the secret of recipes so you can prepare local dishes (pan bagnat, salade niçoise, tourte de blettes) once back at home...


Shopping - fashion - creators

In Nice there is something for every shopper, from large stores to small boutiques or crafts workshops.


Your Greeter will share his/her passion for shopping with you and point out the best addresses for whatever you are looking for...


Nature - parks - gardens

Nice, the "Green city of the Mediterranean" offers more than 300 hectares of parks and gardens...


Each one has its own identity, its rare species and its own particular charm, to be discovered with a Greeter who has a passion for "green fingers".





Traditions - Anecdotes - Stories

An outing which will take you to the heart on an unknown Nice, its traditions, anecdotes concerning celebrities who have contributed to its history and simply the life of the Greeter accompanying you...


Discover a neighbourhood

The port, Bellet and its wines, the north of Nice, Cimiez or Garibaldi : our Greeters will share their everyday life in their neighbourhood with you and all the useful tips that it involves!



Urbanism - New projects

Nice, an authentic city bubbling with excitement... Find out more from a Greeter about the city's new projects, particularly in the field of sustainable development.



Antiques - Flea Markets

In Nice, antiques have their very own quarter - between the port and the Place Garibaldi.


Take the time with a Greeter to wander around and hunt for original finds in the shops or on the flea markets.


Urban hiking

Accompanied by a Greeter, stroll around Nice to discover the heritage and landscape of Nice during a more or less athletic walk, according to your tastes!



An energetic walk!

Choose between athletic walking or jogging and discover Nice accompanied by your "coach" for a day who will guide you along the route.


Cultural activities

If, like many artists, you are fascinated the light, beautiful landscapes and relaxed atmosphere that define Nice, choose an outing with a Greeter who is a fan of culture and creation!


Family outings

Nice has the "Famille Plus" label and offers an endless variety of activities for you and your children.


Make the most of a Greeter's advice to get to know the outings, parks and gardens most suitable for families.