Join the Nice Greeters network

A Greeter is passionate about his/her city and wants to help visitors discover it on a volontary basis.

The concept was born in the early 1990s in New York City, where Lynn Brooks loved her city so much she wanted to help others discover her favourites... She met with instant success. In twenty years, the concept has spread like wildfire all over the world.


The Nice Convention and Visitors Bureau wished to develop this form of participative tourism by joining this movement and is recruiting Ambassadors.
Nice Greeters is a free service based on volunteer participation.
How can you become a Greeter? First, you must be open to other cultures, have free time and volunteer to make it available to others, speak French - and other languages...
Then, just sign up with and agree to be available at least one half-day a month, be of age and comply with the Charter (online on our website).
Loving your city and becoming its ambassador: such is the purpose of this adventure.
If you want to have an original experience by showing visitors around the city you love, the way you love it, as if they were your friends and off the beaten track, wait no longer, join the "Nice Greeters" movement!
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